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The nation that leads in renewable energy will be the nation that leads the world 10, 20 years from now
James Cameron
James Cameron

Solar Panels

At Solarcom Energy Lebanon, we are committed to providing Lebanon with the best solar panels on the market. We import our panels to offer our customers high-quality, eco-friendly energy solutions at affordable prices. Our panels are made of weather-resistant materials and come in a range of formats and efficiencies. We offer the best solar panels in Lebanon and provide clean energy that can withstand any weather conditions.


A solar inverter is a crucial component of any solar power system. At Solarcom Energy, we offer TBB and Luxpower inverters, two of the top 10 solar inverters in Lebanon. These inverters transform the energy output from your solar panels into usable electricity for your home or business. We provide solar inverters in Lebanon that are reliable, durable, and designed to last.


Adding a solar battery to your solar system is essential for energy storage. At Solarcom Energy, we offer two types of batteries, TBB and nRuit, including heavy-duty Lifepo4 and lithium sodium batteries in Lebanon. Our batteries allow you to store excess energy generated during the day so you can use it at night or during power outages. Our lithium batteries in Lebanon are of the highest quality and are designed to last.

Portable Systems

Portable Power Stations are a much better and safer alternative for generators, since they don’t emit carbon monoxide and can be used inside your home. They can provide you with hours of electricity to run various household appliances or to be used in case of a power outage. With our eco-friendly energy solutions, you can save money on your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

At Solarcom Energy, we are committed to providing renewable energy solutions in Lebanon. Our focus is on selling solar energy products, including solar panels, solar inverters, lithium batteries, and heavy-duty solar systems. We offer solar panel installation services in Beirut and solar system maintenance throughout Lebanon.

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