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PowerX Sarl Empowers Bekaa Valley Agriculture with Solar Pump Solution

In 2018, PowerX Sarl collaborated with a farming cooperative in the Bekaa Valley, responding to their need for sustainable irrigation. Previously reliant on a diesel-powered pump, the cooperative sought a greener alternative.

PowerX Sarl proposed a solar-powered water pump system, promising environmental benefits and long-term cost efficiency. The project involved installing a 15 kW solar panel system, a 7.5 kW solar water pump, and a 45 kWh lithium battery bank to store surplus energy. Challenges like space constraints and difficult terrain were met with innovative solutions, including custom mounting structures and underground piping.

Training was provided to the cooperative staff for system operation and maintenance. Since installation, the solar pump system has reliably supplied clean energy for irrigation, resulting in substantial cost savings by eliminating the need for diesel fuel. Moreover, it has significantly reduced the cooperative’s carbon footprint, aligning with sustainable agricultural practices.

A satisfied cooperative member praised PowerX Sarl, affirming the system’s reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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