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E4 LCD Monitor

intelligent central LCD touch monitor

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The TBB E4 LCD Monitor is a highly intelligent central touch monitor designed to provide intuitive and real-time control and monitoring for all TBB off-grid systems and energy storage systems. With its user-friendly interface, it offers comprehensive local monitoring capabilities, allowing users to access and monitor various system data and statuses in real-time. Additionally, the TBB E4 can be seamlessly connected to the TBB NOVA online portal, enabling remote monitoring and management of the system.

One of the key features of the TBB E4 is its powerful local monitoring unit, which provides detailed and real-time information on system performance and operations. Users can easily access essential data and system statuses at a glance, ensuring efficient management of their off-grid systems. The monitor also supports intelligent scheduling of energy from solar, battery, and grid/generator sources through its Time of Use feature. This enables precise control over the charging and discharging processes, resulting in optimal energy management for the system.

The TBB E4 is equipped with various monitoring capabilities, including the ability to communicate with an energy meter and monitor the operation data of any brand of PV inverter through the energy meter. It offers graphical representations of energy statistics, allowing users to analyze and visualize their energy consumption patterns by day, month, and year. The monitor also offers extensive data logging capabilities, storing up to 2,000 historical event records and 400 operation records. Data can be easily exported and stored using a USB device.

Furthermore, the TBB E4 is compatible with the NOVA online portal, providing seamless integration with TBB’s online monitoring platform. Through a Wi-Fi connection, users can remotely monitor and control their system, as well as perform system settings and upgrades. The monitor supports communication with lithium batteries, offering comprehensive monitoring functions for these energy storage devices. It also features an AGS control function, intelligently managing the start and stop of a generator while monitoring its running status and time. Additionally, the monitor supports intelligent load control based on SOC (State of Charge) and time, ensuring optimal utilization of available energy. It also offers intelligent configuration options for three-phase or parallel systems, providing flexibility to meet various system requirements. With its extensive features and advanced monitoring capabilities, the TBB E4 LCD Monitor sets a new standard for centralized control and monitoring of off-grid and energy storage systems.

Powerful local monitoring unit, displaying plentiful, and real-time running data and status of systems
Time of Use: intelligent scheduling of energy from solar, battery, and grid/generator, control the charging and discharging of the system to achieve optimal management of system energy
Support communication with an energy meter, and support monitoring the operation data of any brand of PV inverter via the energy meter
Available graphs to view energy statistics by day, month, year
Support 2,000 historical event records and 400 operation records
Support USB Host and support data export and storage with U disk
Compatible with NOVA online portal, connect to TBB NOVA Online
Portal through Wi-Fi to realize remote monitoring and control, setting and upgrading
Data logging: when it is connected to the internet, all data is sent to the NOVA online portal. When the internet connection is not
available, the E4 LCD Monitor will store the data internally up to 7days; when the internet connection restores, the data can be uploaded to the NOVA Online Portal again.
Support communication with lithium battery and comprehensive lithium battery monitoring function
AGS control function, intelligently control the start and stop of a generator, and monitor the running status and time of the generator
Intelligent load control based on SOC and time
Intelligent configuration of three-phase or parallel system

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