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Kinergy II Wi-Fi

Kinergy Wifi sdm230 modbus

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TBB Kinergy-Wifi Datalogging Stick

The TBB Kinergy II Wi-Fi is an innovative datalogging stick that offers wireless connectivity and monitoring capabilities for TBB inverters. With its GPRS and Wi-Fi options, this external communication device provides seamless integration with the TBB inverter through an RS-232 interface. By using the Kinergy APP, users can conveniently monitor the performance of their systems remotely.

With just one module connected to the inverter, the Kinergy II Wi-Fi can monitor both the inverter itself and up to a maximum of 8 Solar Mate MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Trackers) connected to the inverter. This allows for comprehensive monitoring of the entire system, ensuring that users have a complete overview of its performance and operation. In situations where multiple inverter systems are present, users have the option to purchase a hub that enables monitoring of up to 3 inverters using a single Kinergy wireless module.

The TBB Kinergy II Wi-Fi simplifies the monitoring process by providing wireless connectivity and eliminating the need for manual data retrieval. With the Kinergy APP, users can access real-time data and performance information, enabling them to stay informed about their system’s performance and make informed decisions. This wireless data logger empowers users to optimize their system’s efficiency and identify any potential issues promptly.

The TBB Kinergy II Wi-Fi datalogging stick revolutionizes the monitoring experience for TBB inverters, offering a convenient and efficient way to remotely monitor and manage system performance. With its reliable wireless connectivity and user-friendly Kinergy APP, it brings ease and flexibility to system monitoring, ensuring users have full control and visibility over their solar energy systems.

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