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Maximum static load on the front (such as snow and wind) 5400Pa
Maximum static load on the back (such as wind) 2400Pa
Hail test Diameter 25 mm, impact speed 23 m/s
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Hi-MO 7 is LONGi’s latest generation of high-efficiency modules designed for the utility market. The product utilizes n-type HPDC technology and maintains a standard size of M10-72c 2278×1134mm, with mass production power reaching up to 580W and corresponding conversion efficiency at 22.45%. Hi-MO 7 boasts excellent power generation performance and product reliability, making it particularly suitable for applications with high albedo, high temperature, and limited space.

HPDC is name for High Performance and Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cell, which is a bifacial dual-junction cell produced by hybrid passivation technology. Different passivation technologies are used on the front and back of this cell, which can effectively reduce the carrier recombination and enhance the cell’s power generation capacity. Meanwhile, the high and low junctions on the backside can realize full passivation and further reduce surface recombination. Therefore, HPDC cell has higher Voc and efficiency, lower degradation and better power temperature coefficient.

What are the core values of the Hi-MO 7?
A-System cost saving: M10 modules maximize the value advantages of large size in racks, cables, inverters, and labor. This significant improvement in module efficiency can increase the installation capacity of the power station by 4.5% on a limited area. In addition to saving BOS costs in the photovoltaic field, it can also dilute the cost of AC terminal equipment, and correspondingly reduce the operation and maintenance costs during the life cycle of the power station B-Excellent power generation performance: Due to higher bifaciality (~80%), better power temperature coefficient (-0.28%/℃) and lower module operating temperature, better anti-degradation performance (first year degradation is not higher than 1%) and low-irradiation power generation performance, Hi-MO7 is especially suitable for desert Gobi with high albedo and high environmental temperature. Compared to mainstream bifacial modules in the market, its power generation gain can reach 3%; C-Stable and reliable life cycle: Based on optimization of high-quality silicon wafers, cells, and module encapsulation, Hi-MO7 provides a power warranty with an linear degradation of no more than 0.4%, effectively ensuring the long-term benefits of clients.

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HI-MO7 - Power X Sarl Lebanon